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Question about potential EE-compatibility of these mods.

Ser_ElrykSer_Elryk Member Posts: 72
edited February 2015 in General Modding
I already asked this question a few hours ago over on the SHS Forums, but wanted to ask here as well since the community seems to be more active here, and to get as much info as I can. As I mentioned in my first post, I'm still working on completing BG1EE for the first time, and I've only ever played the starting area of BG2. But I've read about a lot of different mods and was interested in trying the following ones eventually after my Vanilla runs are complete. Please forgive my newbness and modding ignorance in case any of this is common knowledge XD.

I was really interested in these:

Dark Side of the Sword Coast

Northern Tales of the Sword Coast

Secret of Bone Hill

Check the Bodies

Never Ending Journey

Shadows over Soubar

Tortured Souls



I was also interested these mods:

Chloe NPC

Solaufein NPC

Valen NPC

Lucy the Wyvern

Facing the Shade Lord again

The Minitaur and Liacor

Crossmod Banter Pack

Jan's Extended Quest

Korgan's Redemption

Solaufein Flirt Pack

Homeward Bound



Mal des Vampirismus

and B!Tweaks "Lite" (just because I like the 'Flexible alignment restrictions for paladins and druids' component)

Obviously I don't expect anyone to know about ALL of these mods, lol. I've found other mods that have just recently become EE-compatible, but was unable to find much, if any, solid information on the ones listed above. Does anyone know anything off-hand about whether any of them are either being worked on, are planned to be, or are definitely NOT ever going to be EE-compatible? Any info or insight would be very much appreciated! =D

Also, if @ALIEN is lurking about, I'd really like to know his current guess on whether or not any of these mods should eventually be BWS/EET compatible. I absolutely love the BWS (Big World Setup). Anyway, thanks again any/everyone =)

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