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Alignment change

NouserNouser Member Posts: 53
edited August 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)
dunno if it is possible ,but these requests wold be great to the overall gaming,imo.

1-alignment change (easy to implement and simultaneouslty very important to gameplay)

There is already a mod (virtue mod) that changes your alignment from good to bad in accordance with your actions.

It would also be great if a change from chaotic/lawful could be executed (like in planescape) .

2-Main character dialogue change in accordance with intellectual habilities and charisma.

This was done in neverwinter. Do you guys think it could be done in bg?

3-Some creature variety would be nice. Nothing that would change the animations from bg.But some orcs and goblins along with the regular hobgoblins of swordcoast in bg1 would make a difference from the past versions.



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