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Sharing is caring - would you help me find a new job?

AstafasAstafas Member Posts: 448
My best BG friends, would you help me spread this message in social media? I'm looking for a new job, and this could really help! A thousand thanks in advance!



  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    Thread closed as it is completely derailed. Please do not make personal attacks on this forum.

    Please refer to the Site Rules for clarification.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    I've reopened this thread, and removed the off-topic posts. This community has been largely supportive of personal causes like this one, and I'd like to encourage positive behavior where possible.

    Good luck with the job hunt, @Astafas. Are you looking for something in Sweden, or are you looking to branch out?

  • CaeDaresCaeDares Member Posts: 182
    Astafas said:

    Thank you @CaeDares. :-)

    When you speak of your dream job as writing a script similar to Baldurs Gate, do you mean it as in the form of a Medieval Fantasy type of thing or just being Medieval? Either way, finding a job that will let you freely write a script as such would be immensely difficult, especially with the crummy games coming out recently (Which mostly consists of rip-off MOBA's, Bejeweled Rip-Offs like Candy Crush, games that pretty much mimic exactly what a bunch of other strategic games do, in this case, the new Evolve that everybody is storming the shelves for, and so on. There's maybe 2-3 games that come out a year that are actually good.

    I'd honestly look at talking to big companies that have produced games that have fantasy storylines such as Blizzard and Bioware. It could be worth a shot.

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