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[GUI Mod UPDATED] Improved GUI for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (v2.0)

geminibrunigeminibruni Member Posts: 275
edited May 2015 in BG:EE Mods

HERE WE ARE, I introduce myself quickly so as not to waste time, you already know me as Geminibruni but what you do not know is that my friends call me "THE IMPROVED GUY", and things in this world happens for a reason ...

By now enough with the posts and updates boring as I have done so far, now let my free spirit "IMPROVED GUY" for a even better IMPROVED GUI, for a IMPROVED GAME, for an IMPROVED LIFE and why not for an IMPROVED WORLD!!!!

My keyword is: EVERYTHING CAN BE IMPROVED!!!! especially the ugly bluish interface that they gave us with BGEE...

After an attempt not brought to a conclusion by @Archaic thank god @Pecca saved our lives with his mod "BG2EE GUI into BGEE", but soon I realized that I HAD ENOUGH, I wanted more and so here it is born, piece by piece, this IMPROVED GUI MOD !!!!

For now I have reached the v2.0, which brings with IMPROVEMENTS to all that can be IMPROVED, including interfaces, menus, buttons and spacing between them !!!!

v1.0: first version.
v1.5: fixed a bug in the character generation, new improvements for many details..
v1.6: new fixing and minor changes..
v1.7: GUI new changes!
v1.8: Main Screen Edited for better compatibility whit the other mods and Iventory minor changes..
v2.0: Main Screen edited, new scrollbar, bugfixing..

Step 0: Download and install the BG2EE GUI for BGEE by @Pecca (;
Step 1: Extract the "Improved GUI for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition" file , and move the "override" folder into .

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