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Desperate for space in Android to install BG2 :(

magaritymagarity Member Posts: 51
It would be really really great if these games would allow more than 30MB moved to the SD card on Kitkat / Android 4.x devices. They are, after all, over 2GB each. Most other apps can move a fairly high % off to SD. Please, please, please! I know I'm not the only phone user with limited internal space.


  • CaeDaresCaeDares Member Posts: 182
    We can't solve your problem.
    Android eventually realized letting people move apps to SD cards was a bad idea so they took it away, it's as simple as that.
    CaeDares said:

    Unless your android is Rooted, then you can't. Period. There used to be a "Move to SD Card" button when you go to the App Info, but they took it away. I can't play the BG series because it takes up 2.45GB and my phone just doesn't have the space for it. When I first got it, I tried everything I could to get it installed; Uninstalling updates and deactivating things that I don't use, uninstalling every game, every app, every unnecessary update, ect. ect. and I finally got it to fit, leaving only 0.50 MB on my phone, and yknow what? It wasn't worth it. I took so much out of my phone just to fit this game (I have an Android Razr, btw and a 32GB SDCard that doesn't have a lot on it, currently) and it just wasn't worth it in the end because It took away all my other games. While I do support the purchase and such on these games, the file size makes it impossible to play unless you want to do nothing on your phone besides use the internet, text, make phone calls, and play 1 Baldur's Gate game at a time. So if that's you, good for you, but it's honestly not worth it in the end when you can just pay to put it on your PC and then play it when you have free time.

  • magaritymagarity Member Posts: 51
    No, sorry but you are mistaken. Kitkat's external storage was implemented differently from Froyo but saving to SD wasn't "taken away". Maybe the vendor for your device disabled "move to sd" for apps but mine didn't and it has 4.4.2 installed. I have plenty of smaller apps that move a bulk of themselves to SD. Forexample, Lego Race is 66MB. Using "move to SD" puts about 50MB there and leaves only about 16MB on the internal storage. So, that's too bad for you some vendor specific update took this away but don't go around saying its outright impossible cor everyone else. Beamdog's programmers need to implement external storage options for the rest of us who can use it.

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