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Russian community needs your help!

Saigon1983Saigon1983 Member Posts: 156
edited March 2015 in General Modding
Good day (or night) to everyone!

This morning I found a big problem of modding in my country. Most of those, who actively participated in mod creation about five-ten years ago in present have no time for it or have no wish to start... Very sad.

But the basic problem, IMHO, is in lack of russian tutorials of IE Modding. Some of previous utilites are now not supported. Or the source code had changed a lot, or something else...

So, I need your help, brothers and sisters in arms! I want to resurrect an interest in IE Modding among my compatriots! We love mods! We need mods! We want to make mods!

For the start, I want to create a library of IE utilites tutorials, translated to russian. For this I need a list of actual modding tools and programs and links to their manuals (if such exists). Especially for EE version of IE. There is no avaliable russian database of these tools for now.

So, please, post here everything, that would help. There is no sense to roam through the tones of texts, posted in this forums. Especially, that 50% of it is not actual now. I (as a represent of others) would be thankful to know:

1. How do you make mods? I mean, what actual programs and tools do you use to create a mod? Included animation, graphics, items, kits, NPCs, maps etc. If someone post a list of resourses, needed for it and actual for EE, I would be very grateful.
2. What manuals are good for translate? I suppose, that noone of us wasn't born as a majestic modder. So, everyone somehow began his/her way with definite instructions. If you mind to place a link to an actual and well-written manual - it would be very good!
3. If someone somehow has any russian manual of any age, please also post a link here.

In general, any help would be accepted)

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