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Short sword of backstabbing +5 from the item upgrade mod Item code

esengeasesengeas Member Posts: 22
I was wondering if anyone knows the item code for this upgrades version of the short sword of backstabbing. with the Item upgrade mods you can have cespenar upgrade it to a +5 weapon. I can't seem to find the correct item code for this anywhere, while most of the other items from the mod I had an easy time finding.


  • LathlaerLathlaer Member Posts: 475
    After quick glance at the readme file of Item Upgrade Mod I can't seem to find the mentioned blade anywhere.

  • esengeasesengeas Member Posts: 22
    Ah I looked through my collection of readme's and I found out I was mistaking the mod from which the item came, it is rogue rebalancing which allows the upgrade to +5 to occur. anyone know the item code of it?

  • esengeasesengeas Member Posts: 22
    Lathlaer, thanks for telling me because of that I realized it was Rogue re balancing in stead, this gave me more information to go on, the items from RR have a different looking code than Item upgrade, so I knew what to look for now :), I managed to find the correct code. I don't know if it is allowed to post the answer on this forum or whether it is against the rules so I won't do it until I know that. thank you again

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