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Nashkel Mines Tactical Map

Assuming the standard 1" = 5' grid, does anyone have an idea of the map sizes for the levels in the Nashkel mines? My friend and I are contemplating running our game group through the mines tabletop style using Dwarven Forge terrain pieces, but I have no idea how big to make the mines. I tried mapping them by moving my characters through them, but it very quickly becomes an incredibly daunting task (especially since you can't rotate the map). I figured that the entrance to the first level is about 20' wide and about 50' long before it begins to open up into the main cavern area and branch off to the left and right. I wish there was a way to toggle a grid (the way you can in Civilization for instance).

Anybody have any suggestions (I know I can just ballpark it, but I'd like to get fairly close to an accurate scale)?

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