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[MOD][Small] Phun Cheat Spells

NoobrzorNoobrzor Member Posts: 3
I created this mod for myself, but I had decided to share it. The information posted here is also contained in the Readme stored inside the zip file.

This "mod" adds three "abilities" (sitting in Innate slots), which are awarded when a character (player or npc) drinks a corresponding potion.

Use EEkeeper or CLUAConsole to add the potions, which are:
"POTALAC" - gives ALACXXX spell, AKA ultra instant, unlimited casting.
"POTREST" - gives RESTXXX spell, AKA super Wish->Rest + heal.
"POTTIME" - gives TIMEXXX spell, AKA double length Time Stop.
(bonus) "POTUAI" - gives permanent Use Any Item to whoever drinks the potion. Equip your Paladin with Human Flesh, and Fighter/Cleric with long swords.

These spells have no names of their own, and the potions all seem like normal Potions of Fire Resistance, but don't be fooled.
The awarded abilities are permanent within game, however when exporting and importing they will(most likely) get removed, so you just need to add the potions and drink them again. (POTUAI, however, should be export-friendly and not needed to be spawned/drank again)

The 3 following spells are all instacasted, meaning that regardless of everything, you can, for example, have a character start casting a long spell, pause the game in the middle of it, use one ability(or three) added in this mod. The ability will start affecting immediately, and when you unpause you'll find out your spellcasting hadn't been interrupted. On the bottom I posted some example uses of the spells.

ALACXXX spell(icon of Gate spell) has 10 copies of it after you drink the potion. It's effects are -10 casting time and Improved Alacrity effect. It lasts for 30 seconds (5 rounds), and it's far more than enough with auto pause (normal IA lasts 2 rounds). So, the character who has used it, can unload an entire spellbook with more than ease. Take notice it works for everything, including cleric/druid spells and innate abilities, be it fighter, thief, or any other.

TIMEXXX spell(TimeStop icon) has 10 copies of it after you drink the potion. It's effect is simple, it casts a double length Time Stop (normal lasts for 3 rounds, this one lasts for 6) on whoever used the ability.

(For the two above spells, they of course can last indefinitely if you use them again before or after they had run out)

RESTXXX spell(icon is a Rogue Stone gem) has 2 copies, but they're unlimited due to how this "ability" works. This spell has 2 effects: 1. entire party, whether one person or six, gets affected as if they rested for the night, rememorized all their available spells and skills (including TIMEXXX and ALACXXX), lowered their fatigue to zero, and recharged all the items that are XusesPerDay. 2. the user of the ability (only) has his HP restored to full.

Neither the potions, nor spells, affect anything other than that. So, even if you have the three spells and used them once each, once their effect expires (except rest, since it's instant) they have no effect over the game.
I can't possibly imagine anything that would be NOT compatible with the added things, unless something replaces the files.

It works for BOTH Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, as well as Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition. I don't know about Icewind Dale EE, nor the original BG and BG2 (but in the latter two it should work)

1.Put all the files, except ReadMe, into BGEEorBG2EE/Data/00783(or something)/override. If there's no override folder, simply create it.
2.Use console and C:CreateItem("item"), or EEkeeper to add the potions to inventory.
3.Drink the potions you want, and enjoy. (you don't have to drink all three. if you, for example, only want the RESTXXX spell, you can simply put only the POTREST.itm and RESTXXX.spl files and add only it)

1.Remove the added files from the "override" folder. Once you load the saved game, you'll notice that the abilities that have been added had vanished, and your save game should be unaffected. Just as a precaution, since I don't know how the game would react, if you used the ability then first wait before it runs out, before you attempt to remove it.

Example uses:
RESTXXX to recharge spells/abilities/items with uses per day during combat or out of combat, where you can't otherwise rest or simply don't want to (like me) to have 8 hours of game time pass (roleplay purpose only, pretty much, because there's no such thing as time limit)
ALACXXX to prebuff your FighterMage quickly and efficiently. Works very well for those, who hate they can't PreBuff when trying to solo Black Pits 2. I don't need to mention ability to unleash an entire spellbook (or several, if used in conjunction with RESTXXX) on unlucky enemies. Or have your Fighter unleash all his HLA's, and your Thief set 5 spike traps, in less than two seconds.
TIMEXXX for having time to PreBuff (notably in BlackPits2) with potions (since they're one per round only). Or just, since stopping time automatically makes all your hits successful, clean an entire room filled with boring yet dangerous trash mobs as you claw your way down to the boss. Or play a solo archer that's too lazy to run around and wants only to artillery-shoot his enemies.




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