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LFG! In other words, for party!

KraneorKraneor Member Posts: 2
Hi there everyone!

Well first things off, I'm new to the forum and sadly it seems kinda "dead" appart from the core players and some sporadic players which seem not to hold up. I've got both games a few days ago planning on doing the full run with a party of friends but sadly it doesn't run on the PC of one of them so I found myself forced find another party. I found myself all around this forum when trying to fix it and seems like the best option to find people to play with. Altho seems it will be really hard to find a good party with plenty of people to play it through.. :(, sadly we all know that schedules and each personal life make difficult to do it.

Anyway, I really wanted to play them through and before I would fail and forget about it like seems many others did in the past, I wanted to go with an All-in and try making a post here like you did.

I won't bother everybody reading or thinking on which type of chars or game we will be playing, since it's kinda the last thing that matters to me. The hardest one will be finding people who can play within the same times and that it feels right and it goes on..

So basically I'm open for any party just require to be bg:ee from the beginning, would like to make the run through both games and expansions which obviously will take time but who cares right? Hehe, just joking, I've plenty of time at the same time that one has to deal with personal stuff so I'd hope to be able to make time to play it anyday anytime just have to plan it properly. Aswell as I said, I don't really care my class nor anything else about the game, only that would like to play it as it is so preferably no mods only some minor fixes for you guys that really love some classes or things that are silly restricted here.

Anyway, as I was saying all that comes after finding a good party of some players with "good" (wink wink) spirits to play with hehe.

I'm in CET time zone, so Europe time.. That's kinda the highest problem from what I read around here. But depending on the time that people would be willing to begin I'd be able to play.. Yet it's hard..

Anyway, thanks for reading me and hope to find good and nice adventurers around! :D (I would quote some people that I've read around here but don't want to bother anyone, at the same time, it really seems like a new age since most of the posts and people seems inactive or new, or really core as I said hehe. Anyway, I hope I'ven't offended anyone, I really meant it all with my best intentions and love in heart hehe :D.

Hope to have some feedback! Thank you! ;D

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