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"Bhaal-themed" spells

ApocryphaApocrypha Member Posts: 104
So I was gonna roll up a Sorc for my next playthrough, and I was trying to think of how to make it interesting when I thought: hey, why not have a Bhaal-themed sorc? I’ve always played a sorcerer’s spells as an evolutionary thing—a mix of your blood and your environment determines what you get to help you survive. Like, say I play a sorc living in Icewind Dale, descended from a blue dragon--he gets stuff like Protection From Cold (environment) and Lightning Bolt (blood). So THIS sorc would end up developing spells of the "kill everything" flavor, because Daddy is Murder.

Her first picks would be along the lines of "gimmick" or "useless" spells, because growing up in a safe environment means you can develop something like Color Spray without worry. Initially she'd gain only defensive spells, because the taint isn't fully awakened and she's reluctant to fight, but around level 7-ish (3rd level spells) she starts to develop more of an offensive arsenal.

As the trilogy goes along, both the growing influence of her divine blood and torture under Irenicus will cause her to develop a harder, "grittier" outlook, and pretty much all her spells from then on are the nasty type, the only exceptions being things that make it easier for her to kill others (Breach, Lower Resistance, etc). Part of her roleplay/character development would be struggling to use these spells without falling prey to her heritage. For all you tropers out there, think Dark is Not Evil.

I figure, for the awakening of her blood, a lot of Evocation and Necromancy spells would best represent her Bhaalblood, particularly save-or-die. Maybe Illusion too, since he was an Assassin. I don’t have all the spells figured out yet, but so far it’s looking like this (roughly in order taken):

1) Sleep, Color Spray, Shield, Spook, Magic Missile
2) Mirror Image, Invisibility, Horror, Resist Fear, MAA
3) Skull Trap, Remove Magic, PtfM, MMM, Slow/Flame Arrow
4) Stoneskin, Greater Malison, Improved Invisibility
5) Breach, Lower Resistance, Sunfire, Animate Dead
6) Chain Lightning, Death Spell, PftMW, True Sight, Disintegrate
7) Finger of Death, Ruby Ray of Reversal, Mass Invisibility, Project Image
8) ADHW, Symbol: Death, Power Word: Blind
9) Time Stop, Wail of the Banshee, Energy Drain, Comet, Improved Alacrity

Looking at this, I don't *think* it's a bad selection. Having lol-worthy offenses in the beginning is a problem, and I'm definitely going to miss the Wishes and the high-level defensive spells, especially since I use SCS. I'll be running with a party, so hopefully these issues won't be as big as they could have been. That said, I'm considering installing SR to make some of these choices less useless *coughEnergyDraincough*. Anyone have any “Bhaal-themed” spell selections, or suggestions about spells that at least don’t break the theme? Thoughts, comments? Is this a really dumb idea? Am I just talking to air here?

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  • ApocryphaApocrypha Member Posts: 104
    edited April 2015
    1) Color Spray is one of the spells she starts with, before the taint "wakens" and influences the rest, if that makes sense. Fair point about the sequencers, Glitterdust, and Emotion, though--I thought the latter's fear effect would fit the theme, but in hindsight fear is more of Bane's thing than Bhaal's.

    Mirror Image and Project Image actually both strike me as something up Bhaal's alley--summoning illusionary copies to obscure your own movements would be useful for an assassin. Especially PI, since it also gives you Moar Firepower.

    Actually, Mislead probably fits, too--quick escapes and all that. For more invisibility spells...Mass Invisibility is pretty good, but I can never choose between Improved Invisibility and Shadow Door.

    There aren't a whole lot of Necromancy spells left--I took pretty much all the high-level ones, and most of the low-levels ones are touch attacks, which...yeah, no. What's left that doesn't require a touch, Blindness and Horror?

    2) Oh, really? That's cool. Don't intend to be a Dragon Disciple this time, but I'll definitely try it out next!

    3) That's actually pretty good 0.0 You've just convinced me to install those mods. Weird fits Bhaal's theme just as well as WotB, I just prefer the latter for the coolness factor (I scream and everything within hearing range dies yeeeeeeeees).

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  • pixie359pixie359 Member Posts: 251
    edited April 2015
    I'd say your order of spell selection isn't great given the explanation - from character level 7 you say you start getting offensive, picking themed spells first. Doesn't this mean the death spells for 6, 7 and 9 should be taken before contingencies, sequencers and protections?

  • ApocryphaApocrypha Member Posts: 104
    edited April 2015
    @pixie359 Fair point. Updated the list with some of yours and subtledoctor's suggestions, thank you!

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