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Mage/Cleric Equipment

Let me start by saying I haven't played an Infinity Engine game, let alone Icewind Dale, in hour four years. Icewind Dale much longer than that.

Now, that said, I'm at a complete loss trying to remember what to watch out for to equip my party. I've got a Paladin (let Pale Justice go to waste? I think not!), a Fighter to be dual-classed to a Thief later on, a Bard, and a Cleric/Mage.
I'm closing in on the end of Dragon's Eye, and I just looted a Mage Dagger +2. "Aw, sweet, more spells!" Except unlike in the original IWD, it seems the class restrictions on these daggers have been tightened. I can't use it without being a pure mage-mage-mage.

Bummer, that, but no harm. Now I'm wondering what there is out there that I might be able to slap on my cleric/mage to best augment her spellcasting. Furthermore, is there elven chainmail in IWD1? I can't remember, and if so, are there two or more suits of it? One for the bard, one for the cleric would be awesome.


  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,136
    Fighter/Mages, Thief/Mages, and F/T/Ms can all use that dagger. The issue is that Clerics can't use daggers at all.

    I only know of one suit of Elven Chain (and it's random), but there could be more. There are some awesome mage robes for your C/M, though. Not sure about extra spell items.

  • 0range0range Member Posts: 2
    Oh, blurg. Damned Clerics. Are there any alternate weapons with similar effects? Be it a staff with mage spell slots, or a mace with priest spell slots?

  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,136
    Looks like Morning Star of the Gods gives extra priest spells.

  • ZyzzogetonZyzzogeton Member Posts: 526
    There are two suits of Elven Chainmail, both are random drops.

    One of the generic enemies in Shattered Hand drops one, and another is dropped by Kaylessa

    As for equipment, the only stuff I found remarkable was the amulet that adds a second level Wizard Spell you can pickpocket from Orrick (which really just stayed on my Sorc because there were so few amulets in the game) a ring that doubles 1st and 2nd level Wizard Spells in Chapter 5, the ring that doubles 5th level Wizard spells in HoW, and the amulet that cut down cast time by 2 and increased fire damage, also in HoW.

    There's also that item you can put in a Bard's shield slot for extra spells that you buy from one of the Kuldahar shops, I guess.

    I think there were some Morning Stars that add Priest Spells, but I always just end up tossnig them into a Bag of Holding and never bothered with them unless I needed more money.

  • HaeravonHaeravon Member Posts: 17
    edited April 2015
    Yeah, Clerics can't use any piercing or slashing weapons, even if they're a Fighter multi/dual. As for good Mage armor, there are two suits of Elven Chainmail, both in the Severed Hand. The first one is in Solonor Tower, Level 2 (AR5202), the second one can be dropped by Kaylessa (Sheverash Tower, Level 1 (AR5401)). Make a hard save before entering either area, see if you get the armor, if not, reload and try again. Kaylessa gives you a quest, so it's not wise to kill her before finishing the quest, so it's a little trickier. Save before entering the area she's in, then again on another slot when you're there. Kill her, and if she drops the armor, reload the save from inside the area. If not, reload the save before you entered. What she drops is what you'll get at the end of the quest, and the armor is by and far the best item you can get. Once you enter an area the random drops are set, which is why you save before you enter an area in order to roll for randoms.

    There are also two great Mage robes your Cleric/Mage can wear. One is rather difficult to get, also in the Severed Hand. The Shadowed Robes are in the eastern part of The Severed Hand, Level 1 (AR5001). The problem is that you enter on the western part of the level, have to ascend through several areas, and the item is random, and locked by the time you can reach it. If you're lucky you might get this robe or Shadowed Plate Mail. If not... you'll get Shadowed Cloak or Shadowed Boots. The other Mage Robe is a guaranteed drop, but it's much later in the game-Robes of the Watcher. The benefit of the Robes is that they can be used in conjunction with other magical protective gear (rings/cloaks/amulets).

    As for weapons, there's a Sanctified Morning Star +3 in The Severed Hand, Level 2 (West) (AR5002), a random drop, but it's a must-have for Clerics, as it's just one of the best weapons you'll find until the end of the game. Later on, in Old Dorn's Palace, Level 1 (AR8006), you'll have a chance to roll for the mother lode of Cleric weapons. You can get a marginal upgrade in the form of the Morning Star of the Gods, but at this point in the game, you shouldn't be so worried about a few low-level bonus spells. The Morning Star +4: Defender can be obtained at the same place, and it gives a +2 bonus to Armor Class, +15% Magic Resistance, and 20% Slashing and Piercing Resistance. Best blunt weapon in the game.

    Hope that helps. :)

  • AerichAerich Member Posts: 110
    One thing I'm big on when playing/planning is role definition within a party. Do ask yourself or observe how often your mage/cleric ends up in melee. If you did get the defender Morning Star, it might actually be something that is better used by your paladin, while your M/C continues to use a sanctified weapon. By the mid-game my M/Cs are usually so busy casting spells in combat that weapons are an afterthought, and melee weapons in particular won't see much use.

    One thing to keep an eye on is whether you lose the additional spell slots if you switch off that weapon. iirc, pre-EE you lost those slots even if you momentarily switched to a missile weapon, even if the weapon was still equipped. I hardly ever used those weapons for that reason.

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