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Hexxat Tob questions (spoiler alert)

So, after meeting Cabriana for the last time, if you choose to keep Hexxat with you, she makes you agree to kill her when she demands it. But if you kick her or replace her after that, she doesn't mention that deal, she just says the typical, blahblah im a powerful ally, blah huge mistake, and teleports away... Well, I don't know why it's even a big deal to me, but I have looked through other forums and walkthroughs, nobody seems to mention it at all. But for some reason I just want her to demand to die when I kick her to the curb, cuz where is she going to? Denny's? I feel like she only remains "living" because charname convinced her to run with the party. So, naturally, I would assume she would want to die her mortal death. Idk if she's supposed to say something different or if there is a global that I can enter to start a dialogue that makes her want me to kill her, but I kinda really want to put a blade in her ribs (because she's.... ASKING FOR IT haha, I know my humor is about as about as strong as a feather)
if I put this in the wrong discussion area, I'm sorry, I've never made a discussion before, but I do lots of reading here, and figured general discussion is well enough a place for my thoughts/question
Thanks in advance

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