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Suggestions for my next playthrough

Hi everyone!

I'm a little stuck with what to roll for my next playthrough. I've just finished with what has been my most favourite playthrough so far (evil human assassin dulled to fighter, I played him like an evil woodsman shooting poisoned arrows and setting traps) and I'm trying to think of something else that's a bit different.

I'm a big fan of multi/dual classed characters and I'm leaning towards a Mage (I usually stick to warrior type characters). What are people's thoughts of a Shadow Dancer dualed to Mage? Thought it would be handy to just hide in shadows right after casting a spell, or using it if I was targeted by an enemy Mage.

I'm welcome to other suggestions too. Also, I don't have any mods installed so if you think a particular class would benefit from certain mods, please let me know!

Cheers everyone!



  • LordRumfishLordRumfish Member Posts: 936
    Ultimately you should choose what makes you happy, but if you really want to be subjected to the whims of fate...

    How about a gnomish cleric/illusionist? You'll have even more spells than Edwin*, Quayle or Aerie once you start stacking on the Wisdom tomes! If fighters are your comfort zone, and you enjoy rogue skills, then relying solely on spells to do everything useful ought to be a good change of pace.

    * (More spells by volume, not necessarily of equal value depending on who you ask.)

  • NoobaccaNoobacca Member Posts: 139
    Thanks for the suggesstion, @LordRumfish. I've never really played with the shortie races either so I might give it a shot. Cheers!

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