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Full Trilogy Run w/ SCS, no RP

Bynary_FissionBynary_Fission Member Posts: 202
edited April 2015 in Multiplayer
I'm looking to do a full run through the whole trilogy with SCS newly installed - I'm already loving the tactical challenge it presents. We don't really do RP - metagaming will absolutely be a feature! The difficulty will be on Core Rules, and we're looking for 1-3 additional players who will commit to regular sessions. I'm currently Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8), but we can be somewhat flexible with sessions. Our start times will likely be around 2-3pm PST, but on some days it can be earlier. We already have two other committed players, so it's certain to be a large group!

We're willing to start as early as 3pm PST today, so if you are interested I'll shoot you the name of the Skype room we'll be using to communicate.


  • Bynary_FissionBynary_Fission Member Posts: 202
    We're still looking for players, so if anybody is interested in doing this with us please send me a message and we can organize a session quickly.
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