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What game speed is normal for you?

Saigon1983Saigon1983 Member Posts: 139
I have a simple interest. For me - 60 fps is normal, because I played these games many-many times and can't wait when my party have a long-long walk through the whole areas, or cast spells for more than 6 seconds. Ctrl+J option is also good friend of mine. So, how about you?

What game speed is normal for you? 7 votes

I prefer normal 30 fps, although I'm playing for the hundredth time
O_BruceMetallomanJuliusBorisovjackjack 4 votes
I'm plaing only 60 fps, because I'm playing for the hundredth time
vericiaSaigon1983 2 votes
My favorite fps is 35-45 and I'm playing for the hundredth time
Gotural 1 vote
This is my first/second walkthroug, and I'm playing normal 30 fps


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