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(Quest : Portrait of Alan Lynch) Any Wizards of Photoshop around?

lanlynlanlyn Member Posts: 7
First thread woooo!

Just posting a thread to see if there's any talented Photoshop artist around that can make my ugly mug into a Baldur gate portrait :) I would love to use my own portrait for immersive Role playing for Baldur gate, Icewind dale, POE etc... But alas my Real life image is very distracting and doesn't blend well with other portraits and I have zero knowledge in the Photoshop package.

So any hints and tips would be appreciated.
It would be great if someone wanted take my portrait and use some Photoshop magic and make it
more Baldur gate-esque.

Just for shits and giggle suggest a class/Race for me!! :D
Here is my own personal Real life stats :P
(WARNING: May be subject to bias and low-self esteem or possibly arrogance, self evaluation is tricky business :P);

Strength - 12
Dexterity - 13
Constitution - 14
Intelligence - 13
Wisdom - 15
Charisma - 14

There is 3 images of me (if you need more resources (i.e selfies) just ask ;)
and I threw in a gratuitous flaming skeleton because who doesn't love a flaming skeleton warrior (When in Rome :P)

Any contribution is appreciated :)


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