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So... Anyone wanna play ?

ThomTwistThomTwist Member Posts: 3
Hi ! I'm a french player currently downloading BG2 EE. I used to play back in 2000's. I'm currently looking for someone willing to complete the game in duo, getting all the fame and the best items. I want someone with enough time to spend on this quest, with a microphone, and speaking french or english. If you speak english, please be gentle and patient for that i'm not an awesome english speaker. If you're interested in spending some good time with me, tell me ! I'll be controlling one character only, you can get one or two, as you wish, but not more please. If I see enough motivation, we might play in trio (three players), but not more, because i like when it's difficult, and usually when you in four or five players party, some members end up demotivated :)

As we say in french: au plaisir !

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