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3E Mage progression for 2E IWD

Dang3r_Ah3adDang3r_Ah3ad Member Posts: 4
I got one for you guys. I love 3E and IWD:EE is 2E. 2E mages get no bonus spells for high Int so of course I want to use EE Keeper to up the amount of mem'd spells for my mage right? The function in EE keeper works fine... until I level up and sleep. The number of mem'd spells always resets. Is there a way to modify this parameter and to have all future level-gains become an add-on to the base # I've chosen?

My 20 Intelligence Mage want's to have the 1 spell he's allowed to have memorized, +2 because of his high Int. But if I add them, next level he won't gain additional Mem slots because I already gave them. Then if I re-load a state, the extra number of Mem slots I may have given him/her have disappeared again and I only have what's allowed by the game (basically no fun).

Pick your brain!?

Clerics (divine magic) already benefit from bonus spells but Mages/Bards/Sorcerers (arcane magic) do not. What gives?
And how can I use EE Keeper to fix this terrible injustice?


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