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3.5e Blackguard Thoughts?

Fiendish_WarriorFiendish_Warrior Member Posts: 309
Probably (hopefully) going to do a little D&d tonight. We're fairly low level characters (lvl 4ish), but I'd love to role play a Blackguard. The only problem is that I hate the 3.5e prestige treatment of it, making it generally a terrible idea, but I love the way it's kitted on Baldur's Gate.

I found this treatment of it, which is pretty popular, online and think it's fairly well done:,_Project_Heretica_(3.5e_Class)

I prefer, however, something a little closer to BG though, proposing to the DM the following changes:

(1) Poison Weapon instead of Smite Good
(2) Absorb Health instead of Diehard or Profane Might
(3) Aura of Despair instead of Fiendish Aura (balances it out a little better with the other players IMO)

Any thoughts? Feedback? Recommendations? Suggestions?

I think I'm going to align him with either Bane or Cyric.

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