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The new script which will allow you to see as well as change the morals of the members of your team.

OriensOriens Member Posts: 27
edited June 2015 in General Modding
When I read the forum, I have noticed that many players would like to see as is a check morale. Frankly speaking, I have and it was very interesting to see why my fighters are fleeing from the battlefield, and whether there is a meaning to draw attention to this in the time mechanics battlefield.

I have created a script which allows you to do this. As long as it is compatible only with the Baldur's Gate Tales of the Sword Coast. And it does not support Original Saga and Enhanced Edition. But soon, I intend to do separately version for each if anyone is interested.


In the beginning, save your file dialog.tlk in a safe place.
Then, place the script in the folder with scripts.
Select the script one of the 6 members of the team, it is best to ensure that this was who the who sustained morality. For example a Minsc, Ajantis, Branwen etc.
Turn on AI.
If you did all corect then you will see morals of the members of your team.

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