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(Not an issue) Certain wizard-spells make treasures disappear

DarkEnchanterDarkEnchanter Member Posts: 23
edited June 2015 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.3.2064)
Hello :-))

First i want to apologize if my english is full of errors, i come from germany, and my english is not perfect.

I want to say that i tested the bugs, i have experienced, with a completly fresh installation of the game, without any mods, so please don't say it is caused from mods or something like that, it is not caused from any mods !

My Experience -->

Whenever an enemy is killed by -->

- disintegration (this is intended !!!)

- level drain

- pertrification

- freezing death

than all the treasures, the enemy carries, are disappearing, with the exception of plot-items.

Also it is intended with disintegration, it has never been been and has never been intended in the Original-Baldurs Gate II - Game, that the treasures are disappearing with level drain, petrification, freezing death.

Especially not with petrification and level drain, in the original handbook of the original game is extra written that the belongings of a petrificated creature are dropped to the ground when a pertrificated creature is smashed !!!

I have played the original Baldur's Gate Trilogy for more than a decade, so i exactly know how the original game was :-))

A perfect test-object to see the bugs is Illasera the quick, but it is happening with other enemys as well !!!

I have experiendec the bug with the following spells (i will write the names of the spell-scrolls as well, because i don't know exactly what the spells are called in english) -->

level drain (SCRL9W)

black blade of disaster (SCRL9X)

sphere of chaos (SCRL8M)

prismatic spray (SCRL8P)

flesh to stone (SCRL7H)

disintegration (SCRL7T) (intended !!!, not a bug !!!)

cone of cold (SCRL2F)

ice storm (SCRL1X)

fire shield : blue (SCRL1W)

It happens when these spells are casted directly and when they are casted with the scroll in the inventory.

In the case of mixed damage (black blade of disaster, sphere of chaos, prismatic spray), it is only happening, if the enemy is killed by the mentioned effect, not when he is killed by the other damage !

With cone of cold, ice storm, fire shield : blue it is only happening, if freezing death appears, so it does not appear always.

The bug is also happening, if one of the mentioned effects is caused by an item, such as wand of frost (WAND06), the sword "Schwarzschnitter" (i dont know what it is called in englisch) (MISCBC), Dagger of the vampire (DAGG20), but only if the enemy is killed by the mentioned effect, not when he is killed by the sword damage itself !

Even if you dominate an enemy vampire and let the vampire kill an other enemy, it appears, that when the enemy is killed with the level drain of the dominated vampire, the items disappear.

Petrification, level drain and freezing death behave exactly as if they were disintegration, but they should not !!!

I hope i have made crystal-clear what exactly the problems are !

In the case that this "shit" (sorry !) is intend by the enhanced edition --> I don't like this "shit" ! It is very frustrating when a powerful enemy is killed by the group and all items disappear, only because you let your mages do what mages do ! You can get all items via cheating but that is no playing and spoils the fun !

I don't know what to change with Near Infinity so it will behave as in the original game, so i hope it is fixed soon !

Greetings by Dark Enchanter

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  • DarkEnchanterDarkEnchanter Member Posts: 23
    Ah, thank you very much Hurrican !

    I would have never come to the idea by myself that this is the reason for all this.

    I will disable the "chunking" deaths the next time i play the game :-))

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,298
    Marking this one as not an issue.

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