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Golems and Demons II ... opening the Way

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Well, MC now at least had a specific goal; he'd just have to check out every building in town; no problem. The question was, in what sequence? Confront Nasty Drama first? Or leave him for last? Well, with him, at least they knew what they were dealing with. OK, dragon first.

Heading off to the NW section of town, MC noted that the streets here seemed a bit quieter, with only an occasional golem wandering around. Once inside the dragon's lair, the party did some serious buffing up; I mean, we were TOLD what to expect. And indeed, Big Nasty was there, wanting to have a bit of a chat before getting down to business. What's with Dragons anyway? They just HAVE to pontificate; such egotism! MC wasn't having any of it; he wasn't about to cater to some overgrown lizard's ego. He cut the worm's speech short and attacked. Nasty managed to get off one more wisecrack, about how he liked it when his food struggled. It was the last witticism he ever uttered. He lasted 2 rounds before we took the cup from his scaled hands. They don't make dragons like they used to.

Priestess Blue Jeans was totally wrong about the location of the other two items we needed for the summoning, however. The Moonblade was still in elven hands, although the wielder died in front of us while fighting a demon, at which point we just grabbed it. The Talisman was rather well hidden, and required solving yet another puzzle to obtain. But, damn, this was just too easy! Onward to the Temple, to summon the all powerful Avatar O'Reilly!

Oh. Getting into the Temple proved a wee bit harder than MC anticipated. The entry was guarded by a whole pack of Rakshasa, with various levels of ability. It actually required significant effort on the groups part to defeat them, and it took all their healing spells to get back up to par afterwards. (MC had realized long ago that potions were not in endless supply, and were the only practical means of healing during combat itself. So, he decreed that spells would be used first for post-combat healing.

Everyone was starting to complain of fatigue, but MC told them all to suck it up; Irenicus was sapping the vitality of the Tree of Life, and there was no time to waste on luxuries like sleep. Hey, Avatar O'Reilly would soon be here to set everything right! Onward, slackers!

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    Minor problem. Inside the Temple Irenicus had left another one of his bully boys, named Sue Me, who, along with some friends (a glabrezu, Rakshasa and an Iron Golem), had orders to stop anyone who tried to interfere with his plans. We more than qualified. A bit of a messy fight followed, but we had all been through this sort of thing before; everyone knew their jobs. Neera tossed off her last haste spell, Imoen trotted out a breach for Sue Me, Keldorn did his true sight thing first before wading into combat (none of this projected image, improved invisibility etc. nonsense for the baddies to hide behind!), Anomen started whacking the Rakshasa, Jaheira thumped the golem while MC headed for the Glabrezu. Sue Me in turn gated in a Pit Fiend because, hey, demon summoning is like eating potato chips. "I bet you can't summon just one!"

    Round two: Neera followed up her breach with remove magic on Sue Me; apparently this did away with his protection from evil, as the Pit Fiend gleefully started attacking him. A three way brawl ensued. The Rakshasa got off a cloud kill, but Anomen always packs a sweet air spell nowadays, so those two spells canceled out. Losing control of the pit fiend pretty much spelled the end for Sue me. He and his pals bought the farm soon thereafter.

    By this time, MC was starting to have severe doubts about the sanity of any mage who resorted to casting a Gate. He could just have easily been packing a far more useful (and annoying!) Time Stop instead of a "Please Kill Me, Mr. Demon" spell.

    Well anyway, with their fading strength, the party placed the three required items in the altar, and Lo! The awesome Avatar O' Reilly appeared! Ha! Irenicus is in for trouble now! The Avatar told us that Irenicus was drawing power from the Tree of Life, and had to be stopped. He called upon the mighty power of Reilly, waved his hands, and informed us that the Way was now open and we could now pursue Irenicus and save the City, for he could do no more to help.

    Umm, wait a minute. The Avatar of the great Elf God is ... a freakin' Celestial doorman?? You HAVE to be kidding me! That was like the wimpiest manifestation of Divine power MC had ever seen! MC had been having suspicions all along, but now they were confirmed. Elves were useless and so were their Gods. No wonder Neera always got upset when anyone referred to her as an elf, and always corrected them. And Irenicus wants to actually JOIN that Pantheon of losers? MC was starting to think maybe the best revenge he could have would be to let Irenicus succeed.

    Well, OK, maybe not the totally best revenge; suspending him from a tree limb by his testicles would be better, but it would probably be a close call.

    Fine; but MC insisted on getting some sleep first, before everybody collapsed.
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    @FrdNwsm I've been lurking on these threads of yours for so long, I just want to say how much I love these little playthrough posts. They're great.
  • FrdNwsmFrdNwsm Member Posts: 1,069
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    @FrdNwsm I've been lurking on these threads of yours for so long, I just want to say how much I love these little playthrough posts. They're great.

    Heeh! Thanks.

    Each post basically represents one playing session as it occurred, so basically they are in chronological order. Unlike apparently everybody else in the world, I haven't played BG2 before; I take a few notes, and then reconstruct the action from MyChar's point of view. Some events are awesome, some are trite, some are illogical, many are amusing and some are just annoying.

    I picked a Half-orc berserker purely by chance. I also tried a few other professions; a pure mage in BG1 really is frustrating, since the first wild dog you meet can kill you in one bite. Half-orcs can get a huge strength and constitution, so they tend to be survivor types; I decided to go with it, even though their career choices are limited. Going crazy once a day was just an additional perk. It turns out that at MC's current level, berserkers are seriously OP. Who knew?

    Also, since going berserk is not exactly normal, it gave me the idea of making MyChar somewhat insane, from the strain of being a Bhaalspawn. So now MC is true neutral but bi-polar, with good and evil personality swings, delusional, gender challenged and prone to making snap judgments. Also not well educated, so has a bad grasp of pronouncing names, for example. Oh well, nobody's perfect.

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