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Enemy mages immune to fire wand

Hey guys,

I've been playing Baldur's Gate once again recently with SCS installed. As usual with SCS, I've been having some problems with enemy mages. When dealing with enemy parties my usual strategy has been to pre-buff and then throw as much aoe as possible and proceed from there.

Now, it works for most part, however most enemy mages seem to not give a shit about most of this aoe. I gotta admit that I'm a bit confused as to how Minor Globe of Invulnerability works against those kind of attacks (I assume that it's the main reason they avoid taking damage). I've done some testing and my mage with MGoI seem to be immune to Arrows of Detonation and potions with saves against spells. They take damage from potions which test breath save though. My first guess would be that anything which tests spells save counts as a spell, so MGoI works against it. However it does not work against Necklace of Missiles, which tests spells save :S It's pretty darn confusing already.

It gets even more weird though, cause my mage with MGoI is not immune to fireballs from fire wands, enemy mages though, seem to be, even though they take fire damage from other sources (e.g. Necklace of Missiles). Any reason for this?

I have this feeling that much of the difficulty of the Baldur's Gate series comes from not knowing what enemies can do and what are their defenses. Are there any resources available which provide such details?



  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,409
    Minor globe of invulnerability blocks spells of power level 3 or lower.
    All spells and item effects have a spell level asigned. If the spell level is 3 or below, (like most exploding potions) MGoI blocks it. If it is greater, it won't help. (fire breath potion is clearly higher level, maybe 6th, I am not sure.) Sadly, other than checking spell power levels via a game editor like DLTCEP, you can not be sure if an item's power is lvl 3 or lower.

  • zulfzulf Member Posts: 2
    Ok, that explains it quite a bit. Shame this level isn't stated in game though. Especially considering my next 2 paragraphs ;)

    Turns out that being hit by a fireball from wand of fire while being protected by MGoI is some kind of a bug. I only got hit by it when the character firing the fireball was the same one as the one having MGoI on.

    But wait... there is more! I've tried friendly fire with arrows of detonation and mage protected by MGoI didnt get hit by a fireball when arrow was fired at him, but was not protected when it fired off somebody else :S

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