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New player here, need some help.

I just need a bit of help as i just bought the EE of BG2 today on Steam. I'm trying to import my character from BG1 and i read a guide on it and it says i need the character folder from BG1 but when i go to My Documents > Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition folder there is no character folder in there only a save folder. I've tried starting a new game and importing my character through a save game but i get an error about missing content and send me to the Baldurs Gate 2 in-game store and shows me content that i can't buy. What's going on and how can i import my character?


  • doggydoggy Member Posts: 313
    All your saves can be found in your documents folder under BG ee. You then have to make a save folder in your BG 2 ee folder as well if you don't have one already. Then copy your savegames to that folder to be able to import your character.

    But no it's not logical that the folders are in documents and not under the common gamefolders.

    You have to do the same with customized portraits.
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