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Baldur's Gate EE ending/game exits to game menu?!

AlphakrulletAlphakrullet Member Posts: 2
What sorcery is this?! Bought BG:ee (v1.3.2053) on steam (including ToSC and Black pitts). Having played through the old version a few years back, I played this game the same way: first playing through the main story and then ToSC.
At least that was my plan ´caus now that I´ve beaten Saverok all that happens is the game exiting to the game menu (after creating end game-save file and playing the "end movie"). I don´t wanna go to the start menu! I want to loot Saverok and then head out to explore ToSC, THEN I want to make an end save-file or make a regular save file to import to BGII:ee!!!
Are there any fixes for this or do I have to turn around in front of TEMPLE OF BHAAL, walk all the way back to the overworld, play ToSC, walk all the way back and fight him again?!


  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    ToSC must be played before the final battle. Unless your game was modded, this was true in the original as well.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,050
    edited June 2015
    Personally I always do all of the TOTSC stuff before entering Baldur's Gate or talking to Scar in chapter 5. From a plot standpoint I think it works better that way because you've dealt some serious blows to the Iron Throne and there is no immediate situation that warrants your attention. You are also in pretty good shape from a spellcasting standpoint. I find it awkward to do it in the later parts of chapter 5, chapter 6, and chapter 7 because the games plot has really picked up by that point. But this is all just a matter of personal preference of course :)

    Ohh and yea Jalily is correct. This is how its always worked.

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Er ... it's been a while, but as I recall it from the original game, @Alphakrullet, it has always worked this way. When you finally defeat Sarevok, then that's it, the game is over ... so you must do everything else you want to do before tackling the final confrontation with Sarevok.

    ... do I have to turn around in front of TEMPLE OF BHAAL, walk all the way back to the overworld, play ToSC, walk all the way back and fight him again?!

    Yes. Certainly nowadays that's the way of it, and I can't remember it ever being otherwise.

    Of course, knowing this, what you might have done would have been to integrate the various sections of TotSC content into the route you followed through the rest of the story, instead of leaving it all to the very end. (Still, there's always the next run!)

    I typically do some parts of the TotSC content during Chapter 5 of the story, and finish the rest in Chapter 7 ... although exactly what I do when depends upon who I've got in my party.

  • AlphakrulletAlphakrullet Member Posts: 2
    Well, since ToSC wasn´t avaliable when I first bought BG (it was released later) the only way to play it was to defeat Saverok and as you installed ToSC you could play on and do whatever you wanted (preferably exploring the Sword Coast ;) ) and at the same time Saverok sort of "respawned", meaning that once you were finished whith ToSC and whatever you wanted to do you went down underground and killed him again.
    I figured that since I hadn´t "activated" ToSC, the same would apply in this version but apperently not :(

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