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Too Noisy

I am starting the ToB section of BG2, and I'm in Saradush. The city is under siege, and every time I go outside of a building I am assailed by noise of combat, and ridiculous scrolling on the written section of the game screen. Is there ANY way to turn this nonsense off? Yes I could turn off the sound totally but that's not a real solution, and would do nothing for screen roll. I understand they wanted to add atmosphere but after 2-3 minutes I got the idea ... the town is under attack. Enough already!


  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,214
    You can reduce the amount of scrolling happening by turning off some of the combat info. Options -> Gameplay - > Feedback and then turn off some of the options listed under messages (like combat info, actions, etc). Then remember to turn it back on when you want that info.

    As far as the sound goes again you can turn down the "sound effects" volume temporarily.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,420
    I think turning down ambient effect volume in the sound options will make background noises like screams, explosions, (and also birds chirping, winds rushing, streams flowing in other areas) less audible.

  • FrdNwsmFrdNwsm Member Posts: 1,069
    OK, those things worked moderately well; thanks. Poor game design decision though, to bombard you with all that distraction.

  • YannirYannir Member Posts: 595
    These things never bother me much since there's really not much to do on Saradush-outside. Most stuff here happens indoors. While there, try to talk to anyone who's outside, though maybe not the soldiers on the walls. Many of them have interesting encounters and things to say. And btw, almost all of the buildings here have a purpose, so if you haven't been to a building, you're probably missing out on something.

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Yannir said:

    And btw, almost all of the buildings here have a purpose, so if you haven't been to a building, you're probably missing out on something.

    We may be drifting the topic a little, but ... for the avoidance of doubt, there is precisely one accessible building in Saradush which has no relevance to any quest (being simply a family home), and every other accessible building has some quest-related purpose.

  • FrdNwsmFrdNwsm Member Posts: 1,069
    I am OCD enough that I will usually explore every building in every town :smile:

    So far I have discovered two possible ways into the stronghold, and there may be more. Needless to say, I will actually explore both options (or more, if they exist).

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