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Android touchscreen issue

I keep getting strange issues with my touchscreen when playing Baldur's Gate 2 on my tablet. It's quite hard to describe the problem.

I will click on a character profile pic on the right and the camera will move to a far off position on the map. The game then seems to fight any attempt to reposition the camera. I think it is either repeating the first press or actiing like the press is a continuous hold. So when I press somewhere else, or try to move the camera, it fights to keep the camera in the top right corner of the map.

This only happens when I play baldurs gate, and the issue then continues for a bit after I close the game. Which is difficult to do as the device appears to act like another press is being made near where the character portraits were before t the game was closed.

It's quite a recent issue. And it seems to happen after transitioning from one map to another, and it can be to and from any area, regardless of whether it auto saves or not

I'm using a Sony Xperia Z3 running Lollipop


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