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Incremental THAC0 bonus affecting ability to hit creatures immune to normal weapons

GreenerGreener Member Posts: 385
edited June 2015 in General Modding
I am trying to figure out a way to implement the original Kensai Kit from Oriental Adventures 1st edition

The challenge remains trying to implement the Kensai's incremental THAC0 bonuses specifically the part that allows this bonus "to hit creatures that normally can be hit only by magical weapons" i.e. Monk Fists

I attempted to modify the enchantment and magical flags of various items, but testing my theory using a flesh golem was unsuccessful as they can only be hit by an item flagged as "magical" regardless of the enchantment value.

Could I use the apply effect on equip item (182) effect? and create an EFF file?

or THAC0 vs type bonus (178) and use SPECIFC.IDS (Magic - 101)?

Override creature data (342)?
Any ideas?


  • GreenerGreener Member Posts: 385
    It appears this is not possible...

    Wisp 3:28AM
    Unfortunately, all the requirements for bypassing weapon protections are on the items themselves. There are no effects or kit tricks you can use for this. Bonuses to hit are completely uncoupled in the IE engine. They only affect to-hit rolls.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    I wonder if it was a conscious uncoupling...

    Incidently, since the character is using a non-magic weapon, just have the class 'summon' a weapon, and let them summon a more enchanted (for the purpose of dealing damage at least) version at higher levels.

    Easy peasy?

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,980
    edited June 2015
    I'm just spitballing here and I have no idea if this would work.

    Would it be possible to have an activatable ability that uses the "melee hit effect" opcode (what poison weapon uses), which results in you applying another spell on an enemy whenever you hit that enemy. A spell that removes (opcode 112) any "immune1.itm" that they have on them. As you progress in level it removes immune1.itm , immune2.itm, immune3.itm etc.

    Now the downside of this approach would be that the enemy you were hitting would lose their weapon immunity against anyone attacking them (not just the Kensai). But its the best I could come up with.

    (Also it wouldn't necessarily apply to every enemy since there are bound to be enemies that have unique items they use to make themselves immune to weapons).

    Edit: Fudge. I just realized the spell would never apply because they would be immune to your weapon. There goes that theory. :(

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    Yeah, it's an annoying restriction.

    All warriors in fact are supposed to gain the ability to ignore hit requirements with any weapon as a passive HLA, up to +4 at i think 30 or so. +1 at 21 or there abouts.

    And of course other kits like the Wizard Slayer or Kensai who are supposed to get it much sooner, since they're supposed to be prevented from using any magical items at all or magical weapons respectively.

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    opcode 342 is for overriding animation specific data (blood color, body heat).

    Bypassing weapon protections - wait for the SoD release.

  • GreenerGreener Member Posts: 385

    Bypassing weapon protections - wait for the SoD release.

    Will the infinity engine be opened up to allow for greater editing?

  • GrammarsaladGrammarsalad Member Posts: 2,509
    Greener said:

    Bypassing weapon protections - wait for the SoD release.

    Will the infinity engine be opened up to allow for greater editing?
    Everything I've heard so far points to a big, fat, awesome, "yes".

  • GreenerGreener Member Posts: 385

    Everything I've heard so far points to a big, fat, awesome, "yes".

    Is there a target ETA for Siege of Dragonspear?

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,980
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