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Roleplaying two new kits: Priest of Selûne and Priest of Bhaal

Wandering about in the game spell list, I found a couple of spells with the "Selûne" tag.
If I am not mistaken, these are the spells used by Dradeel if you get to attack him on BG1.
One of them is Selune's Blade, basically a flaming blade, nothing interesting.
The two other, however, are interesting:
Selune's blessing, an instant cast, fairly long-lasting, -5 bonus to AC. Not quite that strong very lategame, but very interesting early
Selune's curse: a blue, magic-damage-dealing fireball with increased damage. Same behaviour with Save vs Spells, area of effect, etc... and it hurts party as well.

I thought these spells would perfectly fit in the two spells priest kits get, Curse once per ten level, blessing once per 5 level.

As for Alignment etc..., I would say either good, or Chaotic Neutral, based on Selune Alignment (She is Chaotic good).

I guess that's it for Priest of Selune. Priest of Bhaal now:
They usually are Assassin/Cleric, but I thought one could just give Poison Weapon to a Cleric through EEKeeper as one of the two spells they get, and give them uses of Hand of Murder (one of the abilities you get after pocket plane challenges) from level 10 (that s when it starts to do something). And ultimately, after having killed enough people in Slayer form, give them a Ravager Change (if it works. Enegar does it in BP2 but I did not check whether it works)



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    This says "roleplaying" new kits, so this might be relevant: If you give a cleric "poison weapon", it is poisoning a blunt weapon. While it makes no mechanic difference, from a roleplay standpoint it is a bit weird - like backstabbing with a quarterstaff. I could maybe see this work on clubs (some are shown to have thorns, i.e. Root of the Problem), but other weapons are specifically fully blunt and deal crushing damage. Of course there are contact poisons that simply need skin contact, but generally, I find it strange to get poison damage from a warhammer or mace. It would feel more natural to give them a cleric version of a poison spell, or create a new fitting version from a druidic spell.
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    IIRC, blessing of Selune also works like a globe of invulnerability, so is very powerful.
    Curse of the Selune also does very high damage, and is not scaled to level. IIRC it does 20d6, save for half.
    They are supposed to be special abilities of a creature you are not really supposed to kill (Dradeel) in the story dialogue he says he has lost his mage book and can survive only by the few spells granted by Selune out of pity. Thus, I don't think these are appropriate for a kit.

    I also do not like the idea of a Bhaal kit having the ability to turn into Ravager. Only Bhaalspawns, direct descendants of the god can do that. Not his specialty priests. Also Bhaal being a dead god is the main plot of the entire bg saga, thus having a Bhaal cleric kit makes no sense whatsoever.

    In the ad&d rules, Silverstars of Selune has these bonuses:
    -can cast starshine
    -at lvl 3 can cast moonbeam
    -at lvl 5 can cast moonblade (magical blade that does 5-16 magic damage per strike, counts as +4, anti magic on target for 1 round)
    -at lvl 10 can cast moonpath
    -at lvl 15 can shoot three shooting stars from hands of eyes. 12 damage crushing plus 24 damage burst. Aimed targets can save vs spells to avoid the star. All in the area can save vs spell for half burst damage.

    Deathstalkers of Bhaal:
    -instant death attack with a chance of %1/2 per level (so a lvl 10 deathstalker can kill with %5 chance)
    -at lvl 7 can cast a finger of death (!!!) once per month
    -at lvl 10 plane skipping:travel to Bhaals realm and back.
    -at lvl 11 can summon an aerial servant
    KidCarnival[Deleted User]JuliusBorisov
  • KidCarnivalKidCarnival Member Posts: 3,747
    Aerial Servant just seems so... random.
    [Deleted User]lunar
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