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Cross-platform multiplayer

uoouuoou Member Posts: 1
My friend (running Windows) and I (running Linux (Arch, 64 bit)) tried to play a co-op game of IWD:EE.

My friend hosted the game and I was able to join fine. He allocated me 3 characters slots and we proceeded to create characters. His character creation worked fine but when I accepted my first character I would be returned to the screen with the character slots but the text under the first slot (where my newly-created character should've been) just said 'creating character'. Pressing the 'create character' buttons on any other slot hung the game.

We tried the same in reverse (me hosting, him joining) and had similar (not identical but basically the same) results. The client player could not create characters.

We tried multiple times with each of us attempting to host on both TCP/IP and the Beamdog service with the same results each time.

I'm sorry for the windiness of the description, it's kinda hard to describe. The upshot is: Character creation bugs out/hangs when attempting cross-platform co-op.

Also sorry if this is a known bug, I did search and found nothing.


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