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WEREWOLF ISLAND: All die upon arrival, does anyone know why?

As stated in the title, I've run into a major bug (I think?) as my whole party simply dies within seconds upon arrival to the island. I have some mods installed: Mini quests and encounters, Romantic encounters, NPC-project, Level 40 rule set, various NPC mods. All except the first two I've had previously installed without any problems. After some googling I'm beginning to fear that no one else have experienced this "bug" which means that no one knows how to fix it... Hence, I'm reaching out to the members of this forum.

I am also considering the possibilty of the instant death-thingie is connected to some quest or something from the first two mods which is causing this but I havent been able to figure out what to do yet to solve the problem.

Suggestions anyone?


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