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Easy way to create my own story in BG or other?

AstroboyjjAstroboyjj Member Posts: 2
I've been looking all over but I thought I would ask you guys if there is anything easier before I try anything to big but what I've been trying to do is find a way to put my D&D campaign in Baldur's Gate or something like it so that I can boot up multiplayer and play with everyone on the computer. Is there any way I can do this easily, with some kind of map editor or game engine? But I would really prefer something like a map editor so i don't have to spend so much time learning new coding.

Thanks to anyone who responds I'm new. :)


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,300
    Well, the best answer I can give you is to install the D&D pc game Neverwinter Nights, which comes with a utility called "Aurora's Toolset" , a campaign editor where you can create everything from scratch.

    As for a BG map editor... there isn't one , so far. Modders tend to do that , but a simple npc romance requires from average to very good programming skill , therefore an entire campaign would be a monumental task, since the engine does not possess the right tools yet (I still that there might be one, someday).

    Search for Neverwinter Nights, and its Aurora Toolset, you won't regret it.

  • HudzyHudzy Member Posts: 297
    I'll second that, NWN was designed with custom created content in mind. I think NWN 2 had a similar toolset as well.

  • AstroboyjjAstroboyjj Member Posts: 2
    Ok, I guess I'll look into that engine thanks for the recommendation.

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