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Allow Summoned Creatures to follow party members to new areas

billbiscobillbisco Member Posts: 339
Devs, thank you for your love of the community; it really come through the Q&A session for SoD.

Summoned creatures are stuck in the area in which they are summoned. Many times players summon these creatures but cannot get them to travel to the next level of the dungeon, next level of a tower, etc.

Please allow summoned creatures, like familiars, to travel with the party to different areas from where they were summoned. If you could do that, it would be really enriching to the game experience.

Skeletons for example last 8 hours, and many times, traveling to other Worldmap areas takes less than 8 hours, so those skeletons should be allowed to travel with the party; constant resting breaks the immersion somewhat and this improvement would greatly help.



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