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The Hall of stories

xLegionxxLegionx Member Posts: 197
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Greetings my fellow crusaders, buccaneers, evildoers, and ne'er do wells. Welcome to the hall of stories where all history and stories of great heroes from different times all throughout the centuries are recorded. If you have a creative and innovative biography you would like to write about your character, please do so as I am always intrigued to read everyone's great background stories. Seriously though, everytime I play multiplayer with my friends I love to read their biographies because it's always so interesting to know where their characters came from, where they were born, what they were doing in their younger years that sort of stuff especially when you have the priviledge of reading from creative writers. So please, in just a week or two our character's true destiny begins so until that time comes, write down what he is doing before and what he is doing today!!

So my character is a Chaotic evil drow necromancer named Arcadius born in the city Luraskin in the deepest depths of the underdark. Born as the son of a high-ranking cleric within House Suota, he was taken to the Academy of High Arcana to be trained as an official house wizard at a very young age. Under the tutelage of a Master Rholindon, he chose to delve into the arts of necromancy. There were no such laws in House Suota or any moral code about "defiling" the dead as necromancy was actually a very useful tool for bolstering one's army. When your fellow drow die it always comes in handy to raise their corpses to fight for you so as to add to the strength of any drow house and Arcadius proved himself in every way. Becoming Valedictorian in his class, he aimed to keep such a high status as long as possible and to kill any pathetic fool that standed between him and his right to power.
Even as an apprentice however there were times when Arcadius considered wanting to "leave" as he could not bear the constant threat of death at around every corner. And the high-ranking clerics of Lolth were driving him crazy, making him want to put a knife in their throat or poison their next meal that they would had for their constant disrespect of his power. There was so much security he had to be aware of as in every house, every drow plots to overthrow his superiors which turned the official government into a constant slaughter for power. Even his own mother distrusted him, believing him to be plotting with one of the other clerics of Lolth to have her assassinated as she standed as second to the Matron mother.
As time grew on, it was time for the trials where one apprentice, chosen by each House, was to represent them in the field of combat, where each houses representative was to show the power they have acquired over the years by fighting other houses apprentices. House Suota chose Arcadius, their most accomplished apprentice in the ways of necromancy. Other houses chose, evokers, conjurers, even abjurers to represent them in the field of combat. The victor was to be made a full mage in good standing in their house and rise beyond the meager rank of apprentice.
Arcadius proved to be the victor of the tourney, showing no mercy for each apprentice laying down dead as a shriveled corpse at his feet, drained of their life energy. No one could combat his superior combat prowess and thus was made a full mage and house wizard of House Suota, one of many house wizards that dwell within his house. Everything felt like it was growing right for him as he would in the future achieve even further status. Still he despised the fact that "females" whom he personally considered his lessers were the only ones whom were chosen to supreme power over their houses.
The day after his graduation, a drow female by the name of Krita came to him wanting him to help worshippers of Vhaeraun overthrow Lolth's hold on the city of Luraskin and replace Vhaerun, the son of Lolth as the true god. This was exactly the opportunity Arcadius was looking for! Vhaeraun was the patron deity to all drow males and if this were to succeed he would not only guarantee the right to drow males ruling over their rightful stations but in helping them he would surely achieve even more power. At heart he despised House Suota and everything it stood up for. Agreeing to this, their plan was to cause chaos within House Suota's ranks by sending in several hired dopplegangers to infiltrate as other officials of House Suota and make assassinations on each High ranking cleric of House Suota and its commanders in an attempt to take out House Suota's reign and replace it with their own and afterwards lay siege to the city of Luraskin. With no commander to lead them, House Suota's ranks will be in chaos, leaving them vulnerable to being extinguished. Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan...
Krita turned out to be an agent working for Arcadius's mother whom had infiltrated them and discern they're plans. His "mother" wanted an excuse to get rid of her son as she holds no love for giving birth to a lowly male as she put it. When his mother made her case to the Matron mother she sent for every soldier loyal to House Suota to execute anyone suspected of dealing with these traitors. Many were killed, and they're plans ruined and army encampments were found and destroyed. It was not long amongst all the Chaos that his mother had the Matron mother assassinated by her agent Krita. When she ascended as matron mother, she immediately order the execution of her son, Arcadius. Fleeing out of the city, he saw that there would be no point in him staying in the underdark as everyone knew who he was so he fled to the surface and made his way north, not knowing where he was or where to go.
Eventually, he made his way to the city of Luskan where he grouped up with some mercenaries as ruthless as he in an attempt for fame and fortune as noble adventurers. He had Agronak, a half-orc fighter and his brother Gromalog a barbarian berserker thirsty for blood. A cleric of Bane Tyrannus and his cohort Bolandil, a halfling assasin. And the bearded half-elf Ascerus whom also served amongst their company.
Hearing troubles at the ten-towns up in the icewind dales, they dealt with a situation of goblins and all matter of evil creatures, orcs even, whom had besieged the town. This threat to the village escalated to Arcadius and his adventuring party traveling all over the icewind dales, clearing up a mysterious organization known as the Legion of the Chimera and they're two leaders, Isaea and Madae. They had finally battled between these 2 and through it succeeded and wiped the threat of the Legion from the surrounding region.
As time passed, Arcadius and his adventuring company had parted ways, Agronak and his brother heading for the dragon's coast, while Bolandil returned to his halfing village home to make good use of the rich money he had acquired. Tyrannus headed east to make a shrine to bane and the druid Ascerus went along with him as well. Arcadius decided to make his way to the sword coast on his own to look to another adventuring party to group up with as the coast was ripe with troubles.
On the trail however, Arcadius was brutally ambushed by a group of unknown origins. Bolts were flying through the air like rain and despite his powerful magic, he was overwhelmed by the onslaught and fell unconcious from his pain. Awoken, he found himself strip naked to an altar and on the ceiling he saw a symbol of a skull within a circle surrounded within by what looked like rain drops. Then he realized that he was in a temple devoted to Bhaal, god of murder, whom he thought was defeated in the time when gods walked the earth. When the worshippers of Bhaal came through the double doors, they performed a ritual and that struck Arcadius with a seriously weakening power. Not knowing what happened, he realized he had been drained of his power. He could not recall a single spell nor had the proper mental application to do so. Without warning, the double doors behind them had busted open and through it came an old man in white robes. He dispatched the priests of Bhaal with relative ease and freed Arcadius, whom layed unconcious on the altar.
Awakening in a stone room, he opened his eyes to the same old man whom had rescued him from his situation. Claiming his name was Gorion, a mage of undoubtedly immense power had explained to him that those priests of Bhaal had intended to sacrifice him to their dark god. Since apparently that seemed to be the case despite what they had done to him, he wondered why they bothered draining him of all his spells if they intended to sacrifice him. Gorion however refused to give him answers, but despite that he offered to retrain Arcadius in the ways of magic to regain his strength. As years passed however, there came a day when eventually all would be revealed to Arcadius and his troubles at the temple...
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  • SchneidendSchneidend Member Posts: 3,190
    Spot reserved for when I'm conscious tomorrow - thankfully not for another "drow" CHARNAME.
  • theJoshFrosttheJoshFrost Member Posts: 171
    A neutral good Human Bard... his tale is a simple one, but enough to shape him into the renowned gentleman that he is today. His first memories are in Candlekeep, although he remembers not enjoying too much time with Gorion and the other wizards. They always found his ways to be too... different. They wanted him to study, to make himself a fine wizard like his guardian, but that kind of life was never for him. He had a different calling, and he knew it.

    Many of his best memories come from being around and conversing with his friends in Candlekeep, and most days he would stay by the playground. Often after school was out, they would congregate and play ball, and have a great time. He really loved the simple things in life.

    Unfortunately, one day things changed. While hanging out with his friends, he accidentally attracted the ire of a large man, at least twice his size. He always fancied himself a lover and not a fighter, but that mindset would be his bane on this day. He and this other boy fought, and he was on the losing side.

    When Gorion found out, he was furious. For what seemed like an hour, Gorion was inside talking with the other wizards, and he was left to wait outside of the keep. And sure enough, Gorion came out, and his expectations were true.

    He got in ONE little fight, and Gorion got scared, and said "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air."
  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member, Moderator Posts: 9,506
    edited September 2012
    She always stood by her friends- that should have been engraved on her tombstone. From the time she was small, she stood up for the smaller children, the ones who were different, and against the ones who thought that the smaller and weaker didn't matter, who could be pushed down, beaten down or ignored. Even Imoen, the mischevious girl who was in hot water more often than not, was her friend. She never judged- she just demanded fairness and equality for all.

    And as she grew larger and taller, and stronger, she took her fight for equality to the battlefield, learning the ways of sword and bow, spending hours honing her skills- but she still made time for friends, and friendship, and looking out for others.

    Even after Assassins came to kill her and she and Gorion fled Candlekeep and he was killed in the wilderness, she fought for those who couldn't defend themselves against the evils of the world. And when she finally stood over the body of the man who had slain her foster father, and tried to enslave the peoples of the Sword Coast, she knew that her friends had helped her triumph- her childhood friend Imoen, the slightly touched in the head Ranger Minsc, his animal Companion, Boo, and the Wychlaran, Dynaheir, and the friends of her foster father, and now her friends as well, Jaheira and Khalid. Friends forever- and triumphant.
  • xLegionxxLegionx Member Posts: 197
    @theJoshFrost Lol like your story but the ending was...unexpected but funny haha! :)

    @LadyRhian How courageous but if you shifted your path towards the ways of evil and domination you could gain even more friends! >:)

    @ajwz Nice poetry! :)

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,761
    edited September 2012
    Taeldrae Warshield ignored the snickers from the monks as she walked back into the massive library of Candlekeep, back to the section involving Mystra and magic. She knew that dwarves couldn't cast magic, or at least if they did there were no interesting stories about them. She also knew that most dwarves would never worship Mystra. After all, dwarves had their own pantheon and she had read over them numerous times. But while she did her usual dwarven honoring of Moradin, her real devotion lay to the Goddess Mystra, the famed Goddess of Magic.

    Her father was a mage, quite the powerful one if the stories she heard from the monks were true, and so naturally she felt inclined to look into magic. She also caught her best friend Imoen looking at magical tomes from time to time that she'd managed to sneak out of her room. They never really made sense to her though. She understood the value of a good suit of armor, a sturdy shield and a nice axe or hammer. Reever was particularly helpful here, showing her the basics of fighting with an axe and warhammer in true dwarven fashion. Even that gruff old dwarf though gave her grief about her love of Mystra.

    But she ignored the chuckles, stares and chiding about how Mystra wasn't a proper God or Goddess for a dwarf. What they hadn't realized was what she was walking towards right now. She had found a story about a group of paladins that were devoted to Mystra, and who's purpose was to protect magic and destroy evil wizards and other evil spellcasters. She knew she wasn't quite devout enough to be a paladin however, she enjoyed getting into mischief and following Imoen into the restricted places a little to much. But she also found this book. Actually Imoen found out, but it detailed a group of fighters who helped Mystra and the Knights of the Mystic Fire.

    Originally reading the book in secret after Imoen showed it to her, eventually Tethoril found her reading it and gave it. Granting her permission to read it and the other books in the library devoted to Mystra. And so she looked up new techniques, allowing the pages to seemingly come to life before her as she learned these new abilities. She managed to find ways inside the tome to grant herself minor resistances to magic and techniques of hitting casters that would continuously make it harder for them to cast magic. Adding this to the fighting techniques she learned daily from Reever, Hull, and Jondalar and she saw her path laid out before her.

    If she were to ever leave Candlekeep, she would be prepared to look for evil spellcasters. And if she couldn't keep an eye on them, turn on her or attack her, well they'll be prepared for a fight they never expect. A dwarf fighting in Mystra's name, using long lost techniques for fighting evil magic users such as them.

    And so she read, ignoring the snickers.....
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  • serabietserabiet Member Posts: 51
    @ajwz that entertained me more than it probably should have :D
  • HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,426
    Kudos @xLegionx on a great discussion thread! I'll work on getting my IWD biographies posted over the next day or so. :o)

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    edited September 2012
    *cringes and hopes it's not too bad*

    "Nothing beats the protection of a good suit of mail, boy." Hull had told him this since he was a youth, time and again, but the runt didn't have the sense to listen then, and would certainly ignore him now. Only 'runt' no longer seemed to apply. The young man was tall and strong, easily the equal of any of the guards assigned to maintain the security of Candlekeep.

    "Until," Derrin replied, his breaths shallow with exertion, "you find yourself defeated before you can think to parry." Stepping forward into a stance, his left knee bent to the perfect angle, the right straight as a rod behind, he executed a lightning horizontal slash to display the power and speed of his katana.

    "Heh. It'd bounce off me shield," Hull chortled. It didn't take two hands to use a normal sized shield. "You're fast, I'll grant ye that." Just not fast enough, he didn't add. "Oi!"

    The tip of a dagger poked the gap between the pauldron and mail, just behind Hull's left shoulder. "Heya!" Imoen would never actually hurt someone this way, but she was feeling a bit mischievous this morning, and Mister Boring (her best friend in the entire world, but Candlekeep was a very small place) was going to swing and stab at invisible opponents until his weary body was only good for laying on the grass and lounging all afternoon.

    "You little miscreant!" Hull was all but certain that the bratling girl was helping herself to the pies in the barracks, but had yet to be caught. "Sneak-thief!"

    Pouting, Imoen sheathed the weapon and retorted, "Meanie." The lesson, however, had been taught in that Hull was again reminded that Derrin never fought alone. One day, she then decided, would be the time to learn some of Derrin's fancy-schmancy sword work, but certainly not on a sunny one like this. Besides, she had a plan to get past the newest guard in the store room and see if she couldn't pinch a bottle of wine. That would be good fun, provided she had help.

    Carefully sheathing his weapon, Derrin shook his head. Playing was fine and good, but not when the pointed ends of weapons were involved. "No need for that," he told his friend. If only she were more serious about things. Bad times were on the horizon and a certain focus was now required - facts that seemed lost on his freelancing companion.

    "I didn't poke him," a petulant Imoen sulkily snorted, unhappy to be singled out. However, with her, unhappiness was a short-lived venture. "Winthrop's tapped a new keg," she piped up. "Dwarven, or so he claims." Imoen suspected, but could not prove, that Winthrop was a bit liberal in the characterization of the brews that appeared at his inn. Still, freshly tapped meant that it was ripe for tasting. The store room idea would be foisted on Mister Grumpypants after a flagon or two, as he was generally more agreeable in that state.

    With a frown, Derrin told her, "I'm hardly finished." His devotion to swordwork required a strict regimen and he was consistent as the morning sun.

    "Just this once," Imoen pleaded. Otherwise, Hull and his other bandits would drain the best bottles, leaving nothing but vinegary slop for the likes of her. And, to make things better, Hull would be in a horrible mood on the following day, for he'd have no proof and, therefore, couldn't do anything more than glare at her. "Pleeeease?"

    "You're up to something," Hull barked, his suspicious eyes locking on the little strumpet. Not that she actually was anything of the sort, but he tended to think ill of any that didn't walk the straightest and narrowest of lines.

    "Who, me?" She ruffled Hull's beard, annoying him to no end. "You always think the worst about people, you know that? You're really a queer fellow." Two statements that truly turned Hull red-faced.

    "All right, all right," Derrin relented, if only to get Imoen away from Hull. She could dodge as well as he could, but he couldn't be certain that quick reflexes would spare her a sharp slap in the mouth. "A flagon." After a pause, he clarified, "One flagon," lest Imoen convince herself that she was going to interfere with his daily training and lead him into another one of her schemes...

    *plan to try a pure Kensai, just to see*
  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,761
    There we go, just updated my bio for my dwarven wizard slayer. Hope no one finds it too terrible.
  • HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,426
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  • xLegionxxLegionx Member Posts: 197
    @reedmilfam Not at all it was actually really good!

    @HaHaCharade Great stuff!!!
  • xLegionxxLegionx Member Posts: 197
    I'm actually thinking about making a biography now for a Lawful evil enchanter. Maybe something like where he attempted to manipulate his way to higher status through his enchanting spells but was eventually caught by a band of adventurers and escaped the region to start a new life. Oh and he is going to be drow of course. :)
  • HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,426
    xLegionx said:

    @HaHaCharade Great stuff!!!

    Thanks! Ur idea about the LE 'chanter sounds promising, I'd def check it out.
  • WinterfrostWinterfrost Member Posts: 4
    Am new to the boards but I luv writing fiction!! I'll post some stories later! HaHa your character backgrounds are very good!!
  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    Winterfrost - let us see your stuff! I write a lot, mostly scifi. :D
  • WinterfrostWinterfrost Member Posts: 4
    I have to pull it off my old usb drive but I've got some stuff out there - problem is finding time to write with work :(
  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    /me thinks that one can find time to write after work...
  • xLegionxxLegionx Member Posts: 197
    edited September 2012
    Man I'm surprised though with the amount of views this thread has that there aren't more bios coming in. :(
  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    Well, if they're being read and enjoyed, that's good enough, no? A few "likes" would be nice though, as feedback is always welcome.
  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    Maybe we intimidated them. The scary @xLegionx skull is very frightening!
  • xLegionxxLegionx Member Posts: 197
    As it should I am a very frightening person.
  • HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,426
    I'm still here, heh. I need to start reading something this weekend... thinking about some Dark Tower... BG EE needs to come out, lol.
  • HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,426
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    You ever make your LE Enchanter Bio @xLegionx ?
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