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[HELP WANTED] Adding custom music to existing area

ErstarrungErstarrung Member Posts: 48
I hope someone can help me with this: I noticed that in BGEE, in the Water Queen's House (AR0609), there is no temple music playing. Now I know how to add the usual two temple musics to that area (with Near Infinity), but as this is an evil temple, I'd like to add something new. I made a .wav file (22kHz, 16 bit mono) and put it in my override folder, but the file doesn't show up in the drop down menu of Near Infinity when I want to change the music.

How can I make Near Infinity recognise the new soundfile so that I may assign it to the area?


  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,298
    I don't normally deal with area files but I'll see if I can help here.

    Areas have both ambient sounds (water rushing, people murmuring, etc) and songs.

    To add an ambient sound (which is a .wav file) is I think quite a bit easier. I think you can just put the wav file in the override folder, refresh Near Infinity, and then go into the area file, add a new ambient sound for that area, and select the wav file.

    As far as adding music goes if you want anyone but yourself to be able to use this mod then you'd probably want to use the ADD_MUSIC command in weidu. It also would need to be an acm file and not a wav file (check out how the music folder is organized in the game to get a better handle of how things are organized).

    Anyways, it may just be a lot easier to add the song as an ambient sound instead.

  • ErstarrungErstarrung Member Posts: 48
    Thanks a lot! Adding the song as an ambient sound worked like a charm.

    I wouldn't call it a mod, however, as I really just found it odd that the evil temple would have no temple music playing; so I decided to add some music myself. And even if I wanted to use the ADD_MUSIC command in weidu, I had no idea how to use that command (or any command, that is), as I have never made a script or made a mod myself, so I have no idea about how to make a mod usable by anyone which would add 'my' temple music to the Water Queen's House.

    Of course, if you (or anyone else, for that matter), is interested, I could probably upload the .wav file (as it's a classical piece from a dead composer, it's not a copyright issue, at least).

    Anyway, thanks for the help; visitors from far and wide now travel to the Water Queen's House to listen to the unheard-of music...

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