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BG2 tweak pack does not work

ojthesimpsonojthesimpson Member Posts: 121
I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out while all the sudden this wont flipping work.

I've gotten plenty of mods to work
duskblade kit
sellswords, brack to brynn, dungeon crawl, ect

but whenever I try to install the essential IMO tweak back and dungeon be gone. Flipping nothing!! command prompt opens then promptly closes before I can even read what the error was.

I've reinstalled several times. does anyone have the raw files they can send me for their mods that I could just copy and paste into my folders? I dont care what mods u have as long as I have the basics of tweak pack setup and the duskblade kit if possible. (love that one)

or a step by step installation instructions. I never realized how many of the tweaks just made the game better.. i really miss em.


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