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Making a standard Modded Multiplayer

ThalamondThalamond Member Posts: 102
edited August 2015 in Multiplayer

I want to discuss the idea of a standardised multiplayer mod collection. This could be useful for making a better multiplayer experience for all. When I say collection I don't mean to mess with the mods (putting them all in a zip file without modders' consent), but simply to establish links and a strict load order for everyone to follow. The point is to eventually reach a consensus about which mods should be used and which load order. With this achieved, we can play a much more exciting multiplayer - even with random players.

The obvious one is:
NPC mod + (short version) music addon

another, less important but overall enhancing, is BGT world map (Whether medium or large version is debatable)

Many cool mods exist that completely change gameplay, add new items, npcs and areas. Big changes divide people, however, and so I think most of such mods should be avoided for a standardised multiplayer collection. If, on the other hand, a content mod, which adds new areas but doesn't interfere with what is already in the game, is of objectively high quality and liked by many it should be accepted.

Finally, I realise that some people won't see this list. But if a significant portion do, it will be enough and we can arrange a certain abbreviation like '[MC]' (mod collection) suffixed to games hosted with these mods.

Which mods do you think are must-haves and do you have any other ideas in general?

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