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Difficulty on my game might be bugged?

Hey, this is a somewhat nebulous question, but it seems to me like there is something wrong with the offensive dice rolls in my game. I imported a completed BGEE to BG2EE and made one stat change with EEkeeper. Jaheira and Minsc both came in about a whole level higher than I remember in the past, which might explain why everything is seeming so easy, but it looks like no one in my party is really missing during combat, and the dmg seems to be near max on each hit. I always play core rules, but from the description it seems like this might be what "normal" difficulty would be. As much as I would like to think my beautiful character design and astute gear choices are responsible for this massacre, Jaheira, Minsc, Hexxat and theif->mage just cut a bloody melee swath through the FlailoA and druid grove quest and those trolls were suspiciously spongy this time through. Anyone ever had this happen/have a fix/know a way to tell if something is up?


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