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Class Flag 0x0500001

JediMindTrixJediMindTrix Member Posts: 286
edited August 2015 in BGII:EE Mods
I do not recognize (nor can I find any references in IESDP or in DLTCEP, etc) this flag and it's boggling me a bit. Can anyone explain what exactly this means? These class flags appear to be set on random minions of the Five such as Yaga-Shura Officers and Black Reavers.


  • WhiteAgnusWhiteAgnus Member Posts: 112
    Hmm, NI got the better way to display the creature flags... ;)

    In IESDP these flags have the offset 0x10 and following flags are used:
    bit 0 Show longname in tooltip
    bit 24 Related to random walk (ea)
    bit 26 Related to random walk (race)

    Every value could be a number between 0-7, if you want use "Show longname in tooltip" and "No corpse" the value should be 0x0000003 (Because "Show longname in tooltip" has the value 2 and "No corpse" has the value 1 in the first bit... ;))

  • JediMindTrixJediMindTrix Member Posts: 286
    Thanks for the reply White, I'll check out NI.

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