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Mute Jester needs a party

RaphaeRaphae Member Posts: 16
My Jester, Novox, needs a solid party to travel through Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn. Generally GMT, but we can discuss this when the party has been formed. You'll discover Novox can be quite persuasive, even if she cannot speak. The only rules are the following:
1) Roleplay, roleplay, roleplay.
(So don't ask for social network contacts -> why? <- and, if you need to go to the bathroom, ask Minsc and Boo to guard the door for a couple of minutes)
2) Don't use cheats. Unless your roleplay requires so.
(Acceptable examples: you want to play a Duergar or a Drow and you need to add some natural magic resistance to your character.
Unacceptable examples: you have 25 on every stat and enjoy playing as Jon Irenicus, travelling through the Astral Sea with a motojet named "Black Widow")
3) Have fun!

Don't expect Novox to be very talkative: you'll do the talking in this adventure. She'll be silently judging from the shadows. And kicking your butt, sometimes.

Something about her, if you feel curious:

"When asked about her past, Novox stares at you for a while and raises her eyebrow. It looks like she thinks you're dumb and you should know why: she's obviously mute and cannot speak. You understand from her features that she's a dark skinned half-elf, probably half-drow. A mute bard seems to be a joke and when you point it out, she weaves her harp in protest. She really thinks you're dumb, you know".

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