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Friday night BG2:EE game request

DeltaBravoDeltaBravo Member Posts: 3
Hello all,

I am new to this forum so please bear with me.

First, is there a search function somewhere? I have yet to see it and don't want to annoy the community.

Second, is multiplayer compatible between mac and windows?

Third, how do mods work in a multiplayer game? Does everyone need the same mod in order to play?

Now onto the game request.

I would like to start a multiplayer game which would be played on Friday nights only. It would run from 6pm-9pm pacific standard time. I play on mac (I don't know if there would be compatibility issues?). When I played this many years ago on windows, I had used shadowkeeper, but other than that I am completely unfamiliar with mods, especially on mac. I would like to use a few different types of mods, namely, ones that would allow different races to be picked and some that improve the game play (but nothing cheesy or game breaking. I'm open to suggestions, so please inform me). I would like to play on core rules, and increase the difficulty during the game, but change difficulty for hp/max and 100% spell learning. Since each person controls their own character, I am really intrigued by the idea of having a pause-less game, I think this would really increase the difficulty and create a new dynamic.

Each person can start out with a maximum of 95 stat points (unless you actually want to roll yourself and not to exceed racial limits) and +6 from tomes in BG. We need to coordinate classes, so that aren't item conflicts.

I found this really awesome, probably the most in depth ever, FAQ posted on GameFAQ. I don't have access to it on this computer, otherwise I would link it. We can use it as a guide if wanted, namely because it explores probably every aspect of the game. I'm thinking we could could 1) use the guide and have a rotating game master to lead us, or (2) we could just do whatever we want (ruled on by a party consensus).

I think I covered everything. Would you please help me to think of other administrative items that I am missing?

If you can help me further my ideas please do so. If you are interested in joining, please post your class and item type.

From a role playing perspective, we would be a band of bhaal spawn drawn together from the events of BG.

Right now, I am thinking about a shadow dancer/cleric. Possibly dual wielding hammers, flails, or maces.

What about you? If you are interested in joining, post yourself up here!

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