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D&D playing online! (not the mmo)

RideratRiderat Member Posts: 136
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The title might be a bit misleading, but still quite to the point! For couple of years already I have been meaning to play some tabletop d&d. However, I really don't have anyone within a reach to play with. As I understand, the games can take up to several days and playing sessions to finish and this makes it kind of impossible for me to find playing partners. I was wondering if there are any online communities/forums/message boards that are playing this game? There should probably be some. I'm writing this from the top of my head without doing any research on the internet whatsoever. Just having a discussion. Maybe, if there is none yet in Beamdog, we should gather and create one! I would be really up for it.

Any thoughts/ideas?


P.S. All right, I just discovered that there is a Role-Playing section within Beamdog forums. But still, there is only one active game going on with tons of players. :D Shouldn't it be more like 5-10 players game?



  • SvarSvar Member Posts: 157
    I'm in a similar situation. I haven't had the opportunity to play tabletop in years because the only person I have to play with is my brother and he's lazy. I've heard is a good place to play tabletop online.

    Perhaps we could brainstorm something and start a new RP thread?

  • QbertQbert Member Posts: 193 is a great site that facilitates online pnp. this site makes it very easy to play online including character sheets and macros that make the mechanics easier to perform without as much looking at notes and typing. That lets you concentrate more on the story and rping, which is fantastic. is a community site for pnpers. there are others like tangled web but i'll let you do the research to find a community that you like. there isn't much rping going on here with the exception of ladyrhian's baldurs gate npc adventures.

    have fun man.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    I'm honor-bound to recommend for play-by-post gaming.

  • RideratRiderat Member Posts: 136
    edited September 2015
    @Svar yeah we should. Let's see how many people shows interest! We also need to find the game master for the run.
    As for others, i'll check the websites, but I think we should start a movement here!


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