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[Windows] All 36 voice set sounds should play per voice set

1. Load any existing Enhanced Edition game.
2. Click the Record button in the left bar or hit "r".
3. Click the Customize button in the character record.
4. Click the Sounds button.
5. Pick any voice set and play through/count all available sounds.

A total of 18 sounds per set will play in Enhanced Edition.

A total of 36 sounds per set should play as do in the original Icewind Dale.

As of the original posting of this discussion I will have reported a total of four character sound bugs. In a way, this one encompasses all of the other three. Perhaps fixing this one will resolve the others? I am not certain. Please feel free to message me with questions or collaboration to assist in diagnosis/resolution of sound issues. I'm excited to play through a full game of Enhanced Edition but I may opt for my copy of the original if all my characters only make half the sounds they are intended to. It makes the game quite monotonous. Tested on Windows 7 Home Premium/Intel i7.

Perhaps NPC, monster, object interaction (doors opening, etc.) and other sounds are missing from Enhanced Edition as well. Further testing needed.

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