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The Easting Reach, @

recklessheartrecklessheart Member Posts: 692
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Hey guys!

I hope you are all well, and that discussion across the forums has been rich and plentiful in my absence! I have shamelessly copy/pasted from a post that I made in the RP thread of the forums, so take your pick of which one you would like to read (neither is an option - apologies for wasting your time!) When I am online and in a gameplaying mode, my go-to for a long time now has been a low-magic NWN server called The Easting Reach.

It is a RP server, thus why I post here in the hopes that it might appeal to you all. It is the best low-magic Faerun experience since Baldur's Gate 1, in my opinion. It offers people the chance to create a character, or characters, and take them through Impiltur after the events of The Time of Troubles, meeting other adventurers and battling many different kinds of dangerous enemies.

The server is heavily scripted so that it is a very new experience compared to original NWN: the server level cap at the moment is level 8; magical items are rare and even 1 can be game-changing for an adventurer; multiple Prestige Classes have been added; and EVERY class has been reworked to gain new, cool benefits and have the potential to operate effectively before level 8. I cannot count the number of areas and dungeons that exist, either - the server is HUGE, and beautifully designed.

I can only say that my experience on the server thus far has been awesome, and I know it shall continue to be. But we are always delighted for more hardcore RPers to join us, and it is difficult to find an avenue to publicise NWN these days. If RP with new people, and your own original characters interests you, The Easting Reach is the place I recommend you try and find it. The link to the forums should provide you with plenty of information and a bit of an idea of how active and engaged we all are. Real life is the priority of us all, of course, and server population reflects that from time to time, so do not feel any obligation to spend every evening with us.

Nevertheless, I do hope some of you give it a try. I have on multiple occasions compared it to BG1, so what better a group of people to enjoy it than us, eh? :)

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