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Baldur's Gate: Gold Edition Big Box

Wonderboy2402Wonderboy2402 Member Posts: 121
Something I have been wondering, way back i got a box of pcgames and it had a mint baldurs gate gold edition big box and contents. Is this apparently a rare pc big box game? Checking around I see it not listed anywhere or for like $300+? I also researched that it came with both TotSC and a copy of fallout 1? I dont see a fallout 1 disc so i have idea if it is true or totally complete. I am just surprised because you can find mint BG2 collectors editon for like $25 bucks... And it was similar but more contents.

Anyone here have this BG gold edition box set?


  • motsmmotsm Member Posts: 1
    I have Baldur's Gate: Gold Edition in the box and it includes Fallout 1, along with it's spiral bound manual. There is also a sticker on the front of the box stating that Fallout is included.

    Yeah, I realize this is an old post, but bumping with an answer can't hurt.

  • macomeaumacomeau Member Posts: 80
    I've got the Gold Edition too. It didn't actually come with Tales of the Sword Coast, or it predates TotSC at least. There may have been a later version that included the expansion.

    The original release of Baldur's Gate did have a tall cardboard fold out CD holder that could hold six discs, which may be the source of some confusion. I've always used mine to hold the five BG discs and I added the TotSC disc when it was released. I would presume a lot of other people did too. Looking at pictures, I don't think the Gold Edition came with any Baldur's Gate stuff that was different from the standard game: manual, map, quick reference card.

    The only difference was that the Baldur's Gate discs were gold and it came with Fallout on another disc in a paper sleeve. (tbh, I don't even know if the gold discs thing is a difference, I've always just assumed that from the name.)

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