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online boardgames

GreenWarlockGreenWarlock Member Posts: 1,354
Warning - highly addictive if you like board games!

A colleague at work pointed me to a web site that hosts a variety of popular board games online, and it is every bit as dangerously addictive as I feared. There is no AI here, so you need to find real human players to play with, but there is no shortage for the popular games, and players get an 'ELO' ranking that helps you find players at a similar skill level before joining a game. I am also learning a bunch of new games here too!

Free to play, although a small annual membership will help them pay the bills, and give members access to more stats (but no more games). Still a good deal!

So if anyone from here feels like dropping by I am always happy to hook up a game or two with old friends :) You can find me over there with a familiar user name and avatar ;)

Current favorite games are Stone Age and Tokaido, although picking up a few more as I go...


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