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Bug or not? Attacked on sight at playhouse after killing Haer'Dalis earlier

I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior. Earlier in my game, I decided to kill Haer'Dalis in the wizard's lair in the sewers. Much later, I enter the basement playhouse at the Five Flagons and after paying to watch the play, as I walk forward the actors are instantly hostile and attack me (Raelis Shai, Thunderburp, 1 or 2 others). Fighting back makes everyone else in the area hostile and flee or attack. How do they know I killed him? If this is supposed to happen, is there any way to get into the Planar Prison or at least kill them without making the entire tavern hostile?


  • SertoriusSertorius Member Posts: 172
    edited October 2015
    Just a guess, but I think it is intentional that they become hostile if you kill him.

    If you cannot talk to them, I would say you could not go to the planar prison, since Raelis Shai is the one casting the portal spell after receiving the gem she sends you out to get.

    To go to the planar prison, you would probably have to use the console, for killing them ctrl-y.

  • MoonseaMoonsea Member Posts: 7
    Thanks, just seems weird that they seem to know I killed him and instantly attack. I'm not much for cheating even in this situation so I guess I'll just deal with the consequences of my actions!

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