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Mods that restore the connection to Guarded Compound?

DregothofTyrDregothofTyr Member Posts: 229
Are there any mods that add in a quest component and a direct reason to visit the guarded compound?


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  • DregothofTyrDregothofTyr Member Posts: 229
    Oh cool I actually just installed that one recently. I wonder if the de'Arnise romance mod adds anything more with slavers or the compound?
  • SharGuidesMyHandSharGuidesMyHand Member Posts: 2,563

    The Fade NPC mod does (but fair warning, it also prevents access to the compound at all unless you take the NPC and play that quest).

    Have you tried the Fade mod with EE?

    I ask because I have the mod installed on my current playthrough, but I was able to access the Compound in Chapter 2 before even encountering Fade (although I didn't clear the Compound - I left as soon as I was told to). My concern is that the mod somehow isn't installed properly and/or I've screwed up this quest for when I pick up Fade later on.
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