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What mods should I install for first IWD playthrough?

Hello :)

So I am a very experienced BG2 player but I have never got round to playing IWD. I bought the set in a sale years ago and it's been sat in boxes and shelves gathering dust because I never got round to installing it (and to be fair, why would you need to when you can always do another run through of BG2 with some crazy restrictions?)

For some reason I've decided now I should give it a bash. So I would appreciate some help and advice from the good folks here regarding which mods I need and what the install order should be.

Essentially I am looking for all the gameplay tweaks and mods I should install. For a first run through I'm not thinking of content changes or NPC mods or the like. Just the IWD equivalents of things like ToBex, the Fixpack, the Tweakpack, SCS, Oversight alignment corrections, that kind of thing.

I'm sure I can find the relevant mods using Google so I don;t necessarily need links, just advice on which mods I should be searching for.

To be clear, this will be vanilla IWD with Heart of Winter.

1) Are there are patches?
2) Which mods do you recommend?
3) What's the best install order?

Apologies if this kind of question has been asked before, I have trouble searching for things via my phone, which is slow in loading pages. And thanks in advance for your help!



  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,984
    the irony is, the EE editions already have "mini mods" added into it to fix a lot of the things that were broken/not complete/ or left out at the last minute, and I found the fixes to be great, but you said you will be playing the vanilla series, I would highly suggest the unfinished business mod ( I believe IWD has that one) unfortunately I don't know what that would be, maybe sorcerer' ( plus www.sorcerer' has lots of icewind dale related stuff) and also in the IWD editions they added all the bg2 class kits with a couple IWD exclusives and they added a huge amount of bg2 spells in IWD EE, don't know if that helps, but it can be something to think about

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